Proposal to List Lido's wstETH Assets as Liqee’s Collateral

As a lending protocol focus on liquid staking assets, Liqee now mainly support rTokens from StaFi. There is no doubt that this could be indeed a good start, but in the long run, only list rTokens as collateral is far from enough. We need Liqee to introduce more types of assets as collateral in order to enrich our choices.

Lido’s wstETH Assets could be a great one.

Lido Finance is an Ethereum 2.0 Staking Protocol, which provides liquidity for Staking Assets by issuing Tokenized Derivatives. Here belows several competitive advantages of Lido:

  • Powerful Liquidity Network Effect
  • Trustworthy Partnerships with Curve, 1inch, etc.
  • Slash Insurance for ETH (Cooperate with Unslashed Finance)
  • Outstanding Team Members & Community Contributors
  • The TAM (Total Addressable Market) was preicted to include all PoS networks

Acutually, Lido is subsidizing the liquidity pool by spending $250m of LDO per year to support a turnover of 0.1% of liquidity on Curve, and according to its liquidity diversification strategy, we truly have reasons to believe that Lido will also be willing to incentivize other lending protocol like Liqee to support stETH/wstETH as collateral.

wstETH need to find more adoption and use case (particularly leveraged staking lending), while Liqee has intimal traction and good security practice, Why not join forces to form a mutually beneficial situation?

It is worth mentioning that, more and more parties will see the value that LIDO can bring to them, we needs to seize the opportunity as soon as possible.

Seriously, List wstETH as collateral on our market please.