Liqee's Recent Ecological Progresses & Recruitment of Community Builders

Ⅰ StaFi & dForce & Liqee’s Joint Liquidity Mining Has Come to an End

Liqee has launched ‘StaFi & dForce & Liqee’s Joint Liquidity Mining’ activities on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at 20:00pm on August 27, 2021. The participants can obtain $LQE, $FIS, and $DF incentives based on personal contributions they give to Liqee. These activities lasted for three rounds with a 14-day cycle and finally ended on October 8, 2021. Relevant incentives are being issued now, please check your account status in time.

Actually, in order to reward all users for their understanding and support, Liqee extended the high incentives for a week, that means, People who mine on Liqee from October 8th to October 15th, are still able to obtain high amounts of $LQE incentives.

Disclosure of Liqee’s Total Incentives in This Joint Liquidity Mining Activity

The details of each round of mining incentives are as follows:
Liqee Liquidity Mining (Sep 3 - Sep 10)
Liqee Liquidity Mining (Sep 10 - Sep 24)
Liqee Liquidity Mining (Sep 24 - Oct 1)
Liqee Liquidity Mining (Oct 1 - Oct 8)
Liqee Liquidity Mining (Oct 8 - Oct 15)

Ⅱ Liqee Plans to List stTokens as Collateral

Liqee provides three types of products: Lending Market, Asset Tokenization (t-assets) and Node Services. What is currently being focused on is the Lending Market: As long as borrowers deposit staking assets’ tokens (like rETH) in Liqee as collateral, they can lend the corresponding underlying assets (like $ETH) or stablecoins (like $USX) out. Liqee mainly supports rTokens from StaFi at present, but in the future, we will screen and list more high-quality assets as collateral.

Recently, there existed many voices in our community, suggesting that we’d better list Lido’s stTokens as the next new collateral. These proposals have attracted our attention. After conducting multiple rounds of understanding and verification of Lido’s assets (such as its assets security and TVL, etc.), we’ve got enough evidence to believe that Lido’s stTokens are indeed trustworthy, which makes us decide to list stTokens as the next new collateral for Liqee Loans.

The relevant proposals are as follows:
Proposal to Add Lido’s stETH support
Proposal to Extend Collateral Support to stETH (wstETH) and Its Related LP Tokens
Proposal to List Lido’s wstETH Assets as Liqee’s Collateral

Note: If Staking Assets Project Parties intend to connect assets to our Lending Market, please get in touch with us via [email protected], we will respond within 3 days; if individual users have good suggestions, please publish proposals in our forum, We are highly supportive and willing to hear your voices.

Ⅲ Recruitment of Community Builders

Liqee aims to become the world’s largest lending protocol for liquid staking assets, providing full-chain services and lowering the threshold for users as much as possible. This ambition is by no means an easy task, that’s why we need you to achieve it with us together!

As long as you recognize our philosophy ( to develop a decentralized governance) or have strong interests & unique insights in DeFi & Staking Assets, you are welcomed to join us (no matter who you are and no matter where you are). We will provide substantial incentives as the return of excellent community contributors.

Get more information about Liqee’s ecological progresses in time & speak your thoughts freely in our telegram group: Telegram: Contact @liqee.