Proposal to Extend Collateral Support to stETH (wstETH) and Its Related LP Tokens

As a vertical lending protocol catering to liquid staking assets, Liqee should definitely support stETH (or wstETH) launched by Lido and its related LP tokens. With $4.9 billion worth of ETH staked with Lido, it is expected to onboard more audience to Liqee in the shortest possible time.


At present, we can mint stETH through Lido for immediate access to ETH 2.0 staking yield, or supply ETH/stETH to Curve for a pro rata share of trading fees and CRV rewards.

Compared to staking and trading, lending is a helpful supplement alleviating some of the most pressing issues for end users: non-trading liquidity with zero impermanent loss, the most cost-efficient access to leveraged staking, etc.


We hereby propose to extend collateral support to stETH (or wstETH) and its related LP tokens with LQE rewards, and increase the limit of USX minting and borrowing so that we can use USX as collateral to borrow other assets from dForce to unlock more investment strategies.

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I’ve heard of Lido, Lido is indeed a trustworthy project.

Good Proposal, I look forward to it.