Liqee Ecological Progresses (December 2021)

Part 1 Collateral Support

Liqee Lending currently support ETH, BNB, DOT, ATOM, FIL, XTZ, USX backed by dForce , rTokens backed by StaFi and wstETH (wrapped stETH) backed by Lido Finance . In addition to the assets above, we are assessing a number of other liquid staking solutions and their LP tokens.

If you have any great proposals, please tell us!

Part 2 Liquidity Mining

As of December, All rounds of Liqee Liquidity Mining Activities have ended. Since TGE haven’t happened yet, we have launched a commemorative NFT (Liqee Card) to record users’ LQE amounts, in order to display the Mining Revenue more intuitively. After the LQE is officially issued, users can use this NFT (Liqee CARD) to exchange for an equal amount of LQE, or keep it forever as a souvenir.

All Liqee Cards are finished releasing, don’t forget to check your account and claim it.
Click Links below to check more details:
Liqee Liquidity Mining Activity Has Ended
Commemorative NFT (Liqee Card) is Coming!

Notice: Liqee token (LQE) is retroactive liquidity mining, participants are able to view the balance of mined LQE on Liqee, but cannot claim and withdraw LQE to your wallet before the Token Generation Event (TGE), and may be subject to vesting or lock-up schedule after the TGE (timing, schedule and other details to be disclosed).

Part 3 January 2022 Plan

We are thrilled to announce that Liqee is going to launch a brand new financial tool PCS(Protocol Control Staking).

PCS (Protocol Controlled Staking) is a brand new financial tool created by Liqee for Sustainable Lending. Liqee uses PCS to balance Lending Activities in a sustainable situation. Users can deposit assets as usual to obtain Higher-Fixed-Incomes while keeping the payment processing flexibility, without any other complicated operations.

We are now testing the Mechanisms and initial parameters for PCS which can be further adjusted through LiqeeDAO governance.

Please stay tuned for our updates!

Notice: Due to the PCS is still under construction, both its name, mechanism and related parameters are possible to be modified. Please refer all information to the final disclosure at the time of official launch.

Part 4 Liqee DAO

Featured Community Q&A

Q1: Which is the most specialist characteristic of upcoming product PCS?
A1: With PCS, users will never ever need to worry about nobody borrowing the assets: LP always has a counterparty, which means the liquidity will never stop. The more users supply assets to Liqee lending pools, the more assets will be borrowed (no matter borrowed by other users or Liqee protocols). The user’s supply APY will always present a positive feedback.

Q2: If the protocol borrowed assets frequently, would the lending pool be empty?
A2: The mechanism and parameters of PCS is still under construction, we will test all the extreme situations. Actually, all lending services will set a pledge rate, anyone who wants to borrow assets needs to supply collateral first. (the lending pool will always have some other assets), so there is almost no possibility of fully borrowing the lending pool.

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