Liqee【10.26-11.26】Liquidity Mining Activity Has Ended

As of 11.26, 2021, this round of Liqee Liquidity Mining Activity has ended.
Here belows the summarized list of 【Addresses/Incentives】:


Binance Smart Chain

Notice: Liqee token (LQE) is retroactive liquidity mining, participants are able to view the balance of mined LQE on Liqee, but cannot claim and withdraw LQE to your wallet before the Token Generation Event (TGE), and may be subject to vesting or lock-up schedule after the TGE (timing, schedule and other details to be disclosed).

Liquidity Mining Incentives

Since TGE haven’t happened yet, we have launched a commemorative NFT (Liqee Card) to record users’ LQE amounts, in order to display the Mining Revenue more intuitively. After the LQE is officially issued, users can use this NFT (Liqee CARD) to exchange for an equal amount of LQE, or keep it forever as a souvenir.

This series of NFTs is expected to be released in the near future, please stay tuned for our updates!

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