Commemorative NFT (Liqee Card) is Coming!

Since users cannot claim and withdraw LQE to their wallet before the Token Generation Event (TGE), we have designed different kinds of NFTs to record user’s LQE amounts, in order to display their incomes more intuitively.

The series of commemorative NFTs coming this time is named Liqee Card, which is created based on the Space Cat. Its basic function is to keep accounts: issuing Liquidity Mining Incentives. All amounts of LQE obtained by users in Liquidity Mining Activity will be recorded and displayed. Moreover, Liqee card will be upgraded to different colors when the accumulated amounts reaches to different amounts level.

After the LQE is officially issued, users can use this series of NFT( Liqee Card) to exchange for an equal amount of LQE, or keep it forever as a souvenir. Liqee Card will be issued one after another from December 3rd, please remember to check your wallet in time!

PLS Notice: NFT-Liqee Card can only be obtained when the user’s LQE Amount is greater than or equal to 100.

For more information about Liqee:
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