What is Liqee PCS?

PCS (Protocol Controlled Staking) is a DeFi lending 2.0 product created by Liqee for PoS assets, furthermore, it is an efficient tool for Liqee to build a sustainable system that can automatically match market supply and demand for optimized utilization rate and create organic borrowing demand.

Preview of the key principles involved in PCS:

  • PCS Perpetual Mechanism-Natural Balance of Lending Liquidity
  • PCS Perpetual Mechanism-Unnatural Balance of Lending Liquidity
  • PCS Model Principle
  • Asset Cross-Chain Bridge
  • Monitor Service

Are you desiring to know the detailed description of these keywords?
Then stay tuned please!

We will continue to update the Implementation Process of Liqee PCS in the next period of time.

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