Liqee Liquidity Mining (Oct 15 - Oct 31)

Though ‘Liqee&StaFi&dForce’s Joint Liquidity Mining’ activity was ended on October 8, Liqee still decided to unilaterally maintain the incentives in order to repay our users’ understandings and supports: Participants who stake rTokens and USXs in Liqee on Binance Smart Chain can still obtain LQEs based on personal contributions they give to Liqee.

Please notice that: Liqee token (LQE) is retroactive liquidity mining, participants are able to view the balance of mined LQE on Liqee, but cannot claim and withdraw LQE to your wallet before the Token Generation Event (TGE), and may be subject to vesting or lock-up schedule after the TGE (timing, schedule and other details to be disclosed).