HyperPay has supported Liqee

We are glad to announce that #liqeeio DApp has been successfully launched by HyperPay on-chain wallet.

HyperPay is a robust online payment gateway driving the future of cashless payments in the MENA region, which processes millions of transactions a year for thousands of merchants across almost every industry.

HyperPay download link:
App_down - HyperPay Wallet - Secure Multi Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet.

All Liqee does is aim to offer more flexibility for Liqee users to choose their favorite assets & favorite wallet from the available set of options, and explore new ways to maximize their staked funds.

We are willing to hear our users’ voices, so, if you have great ideas or suggestions about our development, please tell us through the ways below:

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Clever choice!

HyperPay is a great wallet, and integrating with as many wallets as possible can truly bring more conveniences for users.

Will you consider integrating with Frontier?
I am used to using Frontier to save my gas fee :wave: :wave:, it’s really cheap and convenient.

Thank you for your advice :grinning:.

Save gas fee sounds attractive :clap: :clap:!

We will take some time to know about Frontier. The detailed information will be announced on our Bulletin Section if the cooperation could be achieved!