2022 New Year Letter for Liqee Users

Appreciate for continuing supporting us.

Liqee was initially positioned as a basic lending project which started from August 2021, and in next four months, our project has reached several milestones:

  1. Support 9 liquid staking solutions as lending collateral;
  2. Launched ‘StaFi & dForce & Liqee’s Joint Liquidity Mining’ activities on both Ethereum and BSC;
  3. Increased the aggregate USX inter-protocol limits to 25m USX with flexible split between Ethereum and BSC;
  4. Launched a commemorative NFT (Liqee Card) to record users’ LQE amounts;
  5. Plan and develop new kinds of financial products;

As a lending project, we are undoubtedly successful as far—— our total value locked(TVL) has reached 43 million dollars in such a short time, which ranked NO.8 towards the whole Binance Ecological. HC Capital has commented on us as ‘one of the Top Lending Protocols on Binance Smart Chain’.

However, with the rise of various new financial concepts, we have been inspired: we are not reconciled to be an ordinary lending project anymore. We want to be different, to do something grander, like to integrate traditional financial tools (options, futures, bonds… etc.) to make liquidity of PoS assets become sustainable. Furthermore, we want to establish our own brand culture and spirit, which can be passed to our believers, and finally influence them to construct together with us.

In the year 2021, lots of users have asked us ‘why not free your tokens?’ or ‘ when will your tokens be claimed?’ We haven’t given the exact timeline yet, and we know this might hurt some users’ hearts. Actually, we are not concerned or fear or reject to issue tokens, we just want to design a more complete & perfect economic mechanism to make Liqee more valuable and let every user benefit from it. Combining tokens with user behaviors and DAO is our current main thinking direction. We will do our best to arrange the token issuance schedule before the second half of 2022.

Here belows some of our Developing Plans in 2022:

  1. Brand Building
    Including brand culture, website revision, visual reshaping, and so on;
  2. Product Innovation
    In 2021, we have designed a model of a fixed wealth management product, which will be fully tested in 2022 with incorporate economic mechanisms.
  3. Colleteral Expand
    We will continue assessing a number of other liquid staking solutions and their LP tokens, like USDT,USDC and SOL.
  4. DAO Completing
    We will combine Incentive Mechanisms with DAO, try to make Liqee DAO runs like a labor market (refer to the operation mode of KP3R);
  5. Ecological Formation
    In 2022, we will spend more energy on BD and add more ecological partners like dForce and StaFi; Providing Pro services is one of our planning methods as well.

To be honest, the growth of Liqee is not easy, that’s why it is extremely precious for users to accompany us. Thanks again for every user’s support, please give us some more developing time, we promise that we won’t let you down.

Finally, Hope everyone can achieve their dreams in 2o22.
Happy New Year.